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Blue Lotus And Unforgettable Night That Never Happened

The Pub
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3 min readMar 9, 2023


Blue Lotus flower

I was preparing for an underground boxing match in one of the pubs in London's East End. My missus was in my corner. War begins. Literal war with tanks and artillery. A bit out of place if you ask me. I lost sight of my darling. I hope she is ok, she has never been to war before. Neither have I.

I and other patrons of the pub hid behind a wall or what was left of that wall after the artillery onslaught. I am still worried about my darling and the red boxing gloves on my hands look out of place in this situation.

My missus is safe and still preparing my boxing kit. She is not scared of the war and oblivious to the bullets flying above her head.

It’s been a good night so far. A lot of fun and excitement despite the imminent death. I look around; in one corner DJ is playing his tunes and MC is hyping up the crowd that hiding behind the walls.

I need to find a toilet. I need to get some water. Gents' toilets are busy with ladies doing their business in a urinal. I am not thirsty anymore and this night out is getting too much for me. Too much excitement, weirdness and loud music.

We leave the pub. It’s a beautiful early morning in May. Pubs and coffee places are full of people having their fish and chips. A bit too early for fish and chips or cheap tuna pasta. But who am I to judge?

We find a coffee shop with dirty tablecloths serving something that I can’t read on the menu list hanging on the wall. The waitresses of this place look tired and uninterested to serve anyone. They work hard and need some rest. Try to work when bombs are falling.

There is a sound coming from somewhere. The chirping of the birds' sound. A bit annoying, if you ask me. I still want my coffee and I know that I have to do something but I don’t remember what there is to do.

I just sit and enjoy the beautiful early morning in May. Everything is just fine. No worries, no concerns. There is nothing to worry about, everything is as it should be. I forgot about the boxing match, the war and dirty tablecloths in a coffee shop that has menus with floating letters.

Someone was born today and someone will see the last ray of light before he closes his eyes for the last time.

Someone will lie today by telling you that they are the ones to trust.

Someone will turn away from the face of a junkie asking for a change.

And someone will drink a cup of tea of a blue lotus before the night that never happened.

The above links are not related to the story but who can say that our reality is not as weird as the dreams we have?