Mother’s Tears For A Stupid Hero

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3 min readMar 1, 2023


Black and white picture of destroyed town
Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

When the second leg of the war started, I and my family went to the Embassy of the Russian Federation to show our outrage to them. We went there to tell them that the war is not a solution. To tell them that the war is insanity. We were standing with people from all around the world. South Americans, Indians, Hungarians, Russians, Latvians and Belarussians, all of us opposed the war. We didn’t care where we came from, instead, we understood that it was idiocy to wage the war against Ukraine.

No one was shouting that Ukraine needs more weapons. No one cared who Zelensky is. There was a hope that both sides would sit at the table, talk and come to a peaceful resolution. Like good neighbours they are.

Naive? Perhaps.

There was a young Russian guy next to me. He was the most vocal among us. The guy despises Putin with all his might. We talked. An intelligent young man. He understood that if the war wouldn’t stop soon there will be a lot of hate towards his countryman and woman. He is right. The book burning has begun, in an efficient way:

So is the point to write about it? Do I preach to the choir? But if I don’t write about it, who will?

The corporate media? The media that is supposed to be impartial and truthful is lost within its clickbait sphere. They don’t represent the majority. Instead, they represent crony capitalists with their nonsensical globalist ideas about our reality. There is no hope that one day they will change.

Only everyday people like you are left to write and speak about how you feel about the war. You have to remember, no one else is responsible for you but you. No one knows better how you feel and how you want to live your life and what makes sense and what doesn’t. The war, any war is insanity. The notion of death as a hero is an idea sold to the stupid.

We need living heroes and not dead ones. Be a hero to yourself. If all of those who oppose the war will speak up and push others to do so, the war will stop. If not, then we will see Europe burning. Once again.

It’s up to each of us to oppose the escalation we are being pushed to.

The evil forces want to see the towns of Europe on fire again. They want Europe to be in ruins. Forget what nationality you were prescribed to for a moment. It’s time to protect what we have. Don’t let the warmongers get away with their mad desires.

There are no sides to choose but a human side. Neither Putin nor Zelensky, Biden or Xi Jinping is on your side. These creatures are not humane. They don’t care about the tears of the mother for the stupid hero.