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No One Could Stop Him from Pressing The Button

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2 min readFeb 10, 2023


A boy with a slingshot in his hands

Last night I was in an office that looked a lot like a governmental office. There was a boy, around five years old boy. Mischievous fellow. Running around, doing silly things. No one could stop him or tell him off.

Short trousers, brown top. What was strange was that that boy had grey old man’s hair. I didn’t see his face, somehow he managed to look away from me. There were many adults around him, running after him.

The boy was small but quick. He would get away from everyone easily. The adults couldn't get hold of him before he would press or break something. Annoying little brat.

I was standing there observing the situation. I was worried that the boy will do something irreversible and dangerous. I couldn’t point out what was but I felt that he could do a lot of damage.

The whole situation was confusing, why they couldn’t tell the boy off? They clearly noticed how much damage the boy was doing but instead of telling him off or even slapping his hand they followed him and pretended that he is not doing anything wrong.

Who was this boy? And why did he look out of place? Who were these spineless adults following him? The whole scene was comical but at the same time, I had a huge sense of danger overwhelming me.

The boy ran toward this huge desk. Beautiful, redwood desk. Under it, the boy found a button. The adults jumped on the boy but it was too late, the boy pressed the goddamned button.

Just then I realised who the boy was. Just then the dream made sense to me. It was the President of the USA, non-other than Joseph Robinette Biden Jr AKA Joe Biden.