Writing for no reason

Writing Prompts That Will Bore Everyone To Death

Including you!

Philip Ogley
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3 min readJun 16, 2024


Two boys writing on a chalkboard
Jesus, this is dull (Wiki Comms)

Everyone loves a writing prompt, no?

I hate them.

At school our English teacher, Miss Marshall, used to waltz into class, pick up a piece of chalk, then scribble onto the board a mindless writing prompt like Holidays, Sport, or Family.

Then she disappeared off to the staffroom for a cigarette, leaving us to write a story. Or simply talk or fight among ourselves.

Forty minutes later, she would return, collect the papers, and let us go. We never saw our stories again — I doubt she ever read them. And the next lesson we got another prompt.

Miss Marshall didn’t show up one term, so we were given Mrs Gibson. A fierce sixty-year-old teacher, who had a penchant for 13th century Scottish poetry, which she would read to us while we closed our eyes (and slept).

I hate Scottish poetry and writing prompts.

Your Favourite Possession

This was a writing prompt I saw recently on Medium. God! — you should have read the entries.

Out of the 100 submissions, 99 said their phone was their favourite possession. The other one said it was a shotgun…