“Did You Love The Daily Show? Thank Abortion.”

Lizz Winstead on the frontlines of reproductive justice, her new event Operation Save Abortion, and the power of making someone laugh.

// photo by Mindy Tucker

Lizz Winstead is aiming to change that. And she has been for a long time.

“That’s what led me to stand up. It’s like, ‘oh, a stage is a place I can stand and say, no one can interrupt me!’”

“It felt crucial that I fight for this thing that allowed me to be on a path to self-determination and I felt like everybody else should have that.”

“I would venture to say everything that you enjoy in your life, you could trace it back to somebody being able to make a choice about their reproductive life. Hey, did you love The Daily Show? Thank abortion.”

“If you’re super busy and raising kids and have two jobs and are just, having the world happen to you. And then you add the elements of, you’re Black and brown or you’re queer, or you’re an immigrant or you’re poor — sometimes you’re barely keeping up.

And so to be able to say to somebody, ‘if you have five minutes a month, I can give you something meaningful to do. And you can feel really proud that you’re doing something.’ What is it that you do that you could bring to the fight?”



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