“If You Don’t Pay Me That Money, You’ll Be Deported”

A Massachusetts lawyer defrauded more than 1,000 Brazilian immigrants in an elaborate asylum scam. This exploitation is all too common.

“I came to their office and the first thing they ask for is payment. It’s easy for them to manipulate people because when you’re here illegally, you’re in fear all the time. You realize they know how to push the button.”

“I remember I couldn’t sleep anymore. I have stomach aches. You feel you have no control of your life. They abuse you and you have to do whatever they tell you to do, or something’s going to happen.”

“We always think they could do something bad to us. I put cameras in my house everywhere. I have a camera in my car because you know, those people, they can do anything. Every time I think about them, I get so angry, so mad, and we’re afraid still.”



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Katie Tandy

writer. maker. editor @medium.com/the-public-magazine. Former co-founder thepulpmag.com + The Establishment come for adjectives stay for justice