“Many Will Be Injured, Many Will Die”: ‘The Janes’ Is A Must-Watch As Roe Topples

A Q&A with the filmmakers behind ‘The Janes’ abortion rights documentary​​

“It was an outrageous undertaking by a lot of smart women,” one Jane smiles in recollection.

How did this project come about? What is at stake for you in the telling of this story?

// Member of the Janes

What was the most surprising thing you discovered in researching the evolution of The Janes or interviewing the women involved?

For me, the pairing of historical footage with the interviews was particularly artful and moving — it was some of the best I’ve seen in a long time! Can you talk about that process and what it added or how it underpinned your storytelling?

// Members of the Janes

What role does this film play in the future of abortion justice in America? Is it a playbook? A cautionary tale?

It’s all there — the disregard and the terror that women are made to endure to overcome those barriers. We wanted to give our subjects a platform to bear witness and a way to sound the alarm.

What is the role of art in moving the needle towards justice? What is it about the medium of film that aids in that vision of equity?

One of the most chilling moments for me comes in the credits when we’re told the Septic Abortion Ward closes in Chicago in the wake of Roe V. Wade…

I wonder if we’ll have to reopen them even as doctors scramble to train fellow doctors in D&Es?



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