“Public Rights Project Is A Centerpiece Of Protecting Democracy”

Every dollar you give supports our fight for racial justice, working people, tenants, and underserved communities. Help us enforce the law and break cycles of oppression.

GGiving Tuesday can be overwhelming — there’s no shortage of problems in this world—but it also provides the chance for us to leverage our individual power of generosity to connect, heal, and foster a shared vision of a more equitable world.

Together, we have experienced — another — long, tough year. We faced federal encroachment upon reproductive rights, police brutality, racist government overreach, tenants’ and workers’ rights violations, and the continued devastation of COVID-19 on our nation’s health and economy.

// Juan Rodriguez on why he supports the work of PRP

But Public Rights Project rose to meet those challenges that threatened our democracy and took advantage of our most underserved communities.

Within this year alone, we sued Florida governor Ron DeSantis to stop the anti-local democracy bill HB 1, supported abortion rights briefs urging the Supreme Court to uphold Roe V. Wade, filed against Handy—the gig-platform cleaning app—for abusing and misclassifying their workforce, fought for local government authority in Texas around mask mandates & public health, and protected struggling tenants from eviction and predatory landlords.

If we can’t enforce our laws, all the policy in the world is worth nothing more than the paper on which it’s written.

// Ruby Montana talks about the importance of PRP’s
storytelling on THE PUBLIC

By donating to Public Rights Project today, you’ll help ensure that we have the necessary support to continue close the gap between our nation’s laws and the lived reality of its citizens.

Can we count on you to help us enforce equity?



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Public Rights Project

Public Rights Project

Empowering state & local government w/ the talent & resources they need to equitably, proactively enforce their residents’ legal rights. Twitter: @public_rights