‘Reproductive Freedom For All’ Sets Its Sights On November Ballot

A grassroots movement in Michigan could prove a powerful playbook for states looking to protect abortion when the federal government won’t.

“The trauma I have from my sexual assaults is there, but also the whole reason why I’m deciding not to have kids anymore is because I had such severe postpartum anxiety.

I truly believe I almost died and I don’t know that I would be able to survive it again.”

// Merissa Kovach, Legislative Director, ACLU of Michigan
// Emmy, Elizabeth and Kyleigh Wegener

“They don’t know that I’ve tried a combination of nearly 10 different psychiatric meds in less than three years. And they don’t know that I’m about to start TMS treatment to treat my major depressive disorder, but my doctors do.

That’s why the decision to have an abortion must remain between a pregnant person and their doctor. That’s it.”



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