Nov 25, 2016 · 3 min read

Scholarly publishing can be exciting, inspiring and rewarding. It can also be confusing, frustrating and mysterious. For those new to the process, it can seem like an exclusive club with secret rules.

This is a space for University of Manchester students, staff and alumni to share their experiences of academic publishing and learn from eachother. The Publishing Exchange is a place to reflect on the scholarly publishing process, from writing and submitting your first journal article, chapter or book proposal, navigating and responding to reviewer comments, to dissemination and promotion of your work, peer reviewing another’s work and even editing your own journal. What motivated you to get involved in scholarly publishing? How do you go about converting your research to an academic publication? What are editors looking for? How do you respond to peer reviews? What worked well, or what would you do differently? Will you do it again?

Writing blogs posts can help you to develop your academic writing skills, regardless of what you write about (a summary of your research for a lay audience, academia in general or your hobbies). Blog posts are good practice for writing concisely and sticking to the point. You can experiment with different styles and voices. Writing also becomes part of your routine, so when you come to write an article or chapter, the words come more easily.

We hope that this exchange of experience will inspire and inform researchers as they start out in scholarly publishing. The Publishing Exchange should be a constructive and supportive environment, and we ask writers to refrain from naming specific journals, publishers, editors, reviewers, co-authors, etc. when describing their positive or negative experiences.

How do I take part?

Anyone affiliated with the University of Manchester, including staff, students and alumni, can write for The Publishing Exchange.

The Publishing Exchange is a Medium publication: a collection of posts, or stories, by different writers, assembled by an editor. To write a post, you will first need a Medium account. If you already have a Medium account, you may use it for this publication. To create a new account, follow this guide. Writing posts in Medium is easy. Once logged in, follow these instructions to write and publish a post to Medium.com.

To add your post to The Publishing Exchange, you will need to first be added as a writer to the publication. Contact uml.scholarlycommunication@manchester.ac.uk or @uom_schol_comms to request to be added as writer, including your Medium account name, your University of Manchester department and status (staff, student or alumnus/na).

Once you have been set-up as a writer:

1. After publishing, click the ellipsis icon (…) at the bottom of your post.

2. Click ‘Add to publication’, ‘The Publishing Exchange’. Your post will be sent to the editor, who will add it to the publication

3. When your story is added, you will be notified.

The Publishing Exchange

Sharing experiences of academic publishing. Managed by The University of Manchester Library's Scholarly Communication Team, with support from CHERIL.


Written by

Scholarly Communications Team, The University of Manchester Library

The Publishing Exchange

Sharing experiences of academic publishing. Managed by The University of Manchester Library's Scholarly Communication Team, with support from CHERIL.

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