The Republican Party Is Digging Its Own Grave, Here’s How

Declaring war on democracy can only end in one of two ways.

Sikander Hayat Khan
Dec 7, 2020 · 5 min read
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There’s no other way of saying this — we got it wrong.

While the world believed Trump was fighting democracy alone, he wasn’t.

Here are the facts — a mere 27 Congressional Republicans, out of 249, believe Biden won this election fair and square.

Now although this sounds harmless, it’s anything but. Because it may have started now, but the consequences will be evident years down the line.

Why do I say that? It’s evident that the GOP has sold its soul for electability. And it’s worse than you think. Because they’re not just backing Trump. Oh no, he may be on the receiving end of 73 million votes, but Trumpism is what won those votes in the first place. What the Republican Party is doing is legitimising Trumpism — it’s giving authoritarianism congressional backing.

And I’ve seen political parties do this before — two, in fact. You want to know what they both have in common? They’re led by tyrants. They’re democratic dictators who rigged elections, subverted the rule of law and contested the results of the elections they lost.

Sound familiar?

And you know what this means? This is the GOP saying, loud and clear, they’re putting party before country. Now, you could make the argument that this was always the case with politicians. And I’d probably agree with you. But to do it like this? Publicly? To tell the nation that they don’t respect the value of the very votes that got themselves in power?

You see, democracy requires self-accountability on the part of the elected to function. If they, the ones with the power of the state, turn around and say, “We don’t accept the result,” then who’s going to stop them? Who can stop them?

When parties sell themselves out like this, they don’t turn the corner. They don’t take it back. They openly try to hold democracy hostage. They’re ready to create as much instability in the country as they have to in order to get back into power. And there are only two possible outcomes from that — either they win and the country begins to decay, or they themselves wither away into political obscurity.

Make no mistake — the Republican party is sowing the seeds for its own demise. It’s going down a road at the end of which there is only victory or certain death.

And there’s a reason I say that. Over the course of time, the country will be able to clearly see the national interest and that of the GOP grow further apart. Republican politicians will turn into nothing more than mouth-pieces for their presidents, willing to say anything and everything that will bring them closer to power. I’ve seen politicians like these say things that the majority of the people would consider treason. This is not your typical lying about how “well” they’ve been doing their job that you see 24/7. This is when politicians decide that if they’re going to go down, they’re going to drag the country down with them.

And to be honest, America is partly to blame as well. Right now, the Republican Party is only giving its voters what they want. A staggering 70% of Republican voters believe the election was fraudulent. 73 million of them backed fascism at the polling booths. As far as they’re concerned, the GOP is the epitome of a truly democratic political party — one that’s fighting for the public interest.

And this is how it starts. Without the millions who back them, democratic dictators lose their legitimacy. And it’s that very legitimacy that they need in order to crush the voices of everyone against them — including you. How do they do this? They begin a with declaring themselves the “champions of the people.” They talk about respecting the sanctity of your vote. They tell you you’ve been wronged by the powers that be. And once they’ve got you emotional, they use that momentum to divide the public and create political instability. That’s when they make their attempts at grabbing power.

And you’re watching it unfold in front of your very eyes. Trump started the fraud talk months ago. He told the country their election had been stolen. He got his base to turn emotional and, in some cases, violent. And now, America’s engulfed with political instability. What’s Trump doing with that? Calling governors left, right and centre to appoint electors that will overturn a free and fair election.

The only time where I’ve seen democracy be subverted like this before was in a military coup.

And sometimes I find myself wondering whether American politicians today are learning from the people responsible for those coups. Whether they’ve picked up tips and tricks from the handbook of democratic dictators. Every step they take reminds me of what I’ve seen before. And you know what conclusion that leads me to?

If they’re doing what dictators do, why don’t the American people do what the people who brought them down did? I know it sounds too simple to be a solution to a problem this big, but it works. You know what it is?


Why? Even military dictators have to bend the knee to the electorate. There comes a time when their regime needs legitimacy to prevent a national uproar. How do they do that? By calling general elections. Or even democratic dictators, the likes of which you currently see living in the White House. They derive their legitimacy from you and the only way they can have it taken away is if you decide to do so.

Remember the political obscurity I was talking about? This is how those parties become irrelevant. Once the country sees them for what they’re becoming, they’re booted out of office.

And America has to do the same. Even though it has a two-party system, that doesn’t mean the other one has to win. And I’m aware the Democrats aren’t angels. No party is. But are they openly waging war against your democracy?

You see, policy divides will always exist. And you might have a difference of opinion with how half the Democratic Party wants to run the country. But, and here’s the crucial bit, you’re not disagreeing on whether the outcome of an election should be acknowledged or not.

This is not me trying to tell you that America should be run in this way or that way. This is me telling you that you won’t be able to have that debate if you let dictators take office.

So the question boils down to this — are you going to protect your democracy? Are you going to send a message to the people who tried to overturn your election?

Because I often go on about how politicians set precedents for those that follow them. If one rigs an election, it becomes easier for the next one to do the same. But the same is true for you. If you fire them for trying to overturn an election, the ones to follow won’t try the same. After all, staying in power is what they want, right? It’s up to you to make sure they understand that’s only going to happen if they play by your rules.

As Donald Trump would say, “It’s time to drain the swamp.

Sikander Hayat Khan

Written by

Political opinion from a Law & Politics grad. Top Writer in Government & Politics. Twitter @SikanderH8

The Purple Giraffe

The Purple Giraffe reports on what is happening today; with a dynamic insight into politics, policy, leadership, culture, social issues, and the economy.

Sikander Hayat Khan

Written by

Political opinion from a Law & Politics grad. Top Writer in Government & Politics. Twitter @SikanderH8

The Purple Giraffe

The Purple Giraffe reports on what is happening today; with a dynamic insight into politics, policy, leadership, culture, social issues, and the economy.

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