August 1, 2016: SQUAD GOALS

At The Purple Lemonade, we are comprised of creatives from all walks of life who have a passion to share and spread our love of art, creativity and music. Get to know a couple of squad members a little better this Monday with these hand picked tracks that we cannot stop listening to. Don’t forget, our past Pulp Playlists are still up for your listening pleasure. Happy Monday! -Bianca, Braidon, Mollie, Puck, and Viv


Some other records we are currently obsessing over:

Ingrid, Trill Feels (EP).

What you need in your life.

Erykah Badu, But You Can’t Use My Phone (Mixtape).

In case you slept on it.

Dawn Richard, Infrared (EP).

If you’re trying to really live.