How to Enjoy the Pulp Playlist

Mia Wallace and Bruce Vega demonstrating proper use of the Pulp Playlist

Music is by far the best way to bring people together, it has the ability to communicate over distance and time in a way that very few things can. For the PL music is what keeps the collective connected. We create these Pulp Playlist to inspire us as we work on creating new avenues of expression. However we share the playlist to connect with our audience and have y’all vibe with us through the week. Before we drop a new playlist tomorrow, we thought it be good to prep you this time so you can put it to good use.

Step 1. Put yourself in a relaxed state of your choosing (we don’t judge).

Step 2. Listen to a Pulp Playlist. Some playlist are conceptual while others are simply new music to get you hyped and inspired to create something new.

Step 3. Do something you enjoy. We recommend dancing, writing, cooking, exercising, cleaning your house (this is relaxing for some) or anything else you can do with background music on. The goal is for you to go on a journey into how the music makes you feel while you’re handling your biz.

Step 4. Enjoy the vibes.

While you wait for the next installment of the Pulp Playlist check out some of the previous playlist and give our method a try. We’d love to hear about your results!

#RandomFact — Pulp Playlist grow! Occasionally we add tracks to past playlist that enhance the themes. Follow your favorites Pulp Playlist on Spotify for a refill.

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