July 14, 2017: Summer Lovin’

Whether you’re homewrecking or honeymooning, Summer Lovin is for everyone.

Sooooo, I don’t know about you, but I feel my sexiest in the summertime. The beach becomes my second home, my tan is on fleek, and I mean HELLO! Day drinking! What’s there not to love about Summer? Everyone should feel like the sun is their friend. I mean, unless you’re a ginger (and that’s no shade against the gingers), I personally love basking or baking in 80 degree weather. When people think of summer it’s often and obviously a time of wearing the least amount of clothing as possible, laying out at the beach getting ALLL the D (Vitamin D that is) and of course BBQ’s.

With Valentine’s Day and Spring-time often seen as the seasons where new love blossoms, Summer is typically overlooked as a season of love. But you have to remember, it’s that time of the year where folks are getting those summer bodies together, emotions are running high (because heat makes some of us a little crazy), there’s even the few that are taking it one step further: Marriage! Which BTW, Shout out to the incredible Ms. Zsa Mae for her wedding that is happening this month. I had her honeymoon in mind for a few of these songs ;-P however, we here at the Lemonade Stand want quench everyone’s thirst for lovin’.

When I listen to this playlist, I envision a room on the beach where the wind blows into the open windows of the bedroom. The white drapes billow into the room while the breeze provides a refreshing break from the dry heat. The rest of that story is up to you #ChooseYourOwnAdventure… So whether you’re single and enjoying a little bit of alone time, entertaining some afternoon delight, copulating with a current side piece, or celebrating a honeymoon, this playlist provides a chill yet romantic environment anyone can enjoy single or not.

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