Part 3: We Transform

Staring up into the heavens
In this hell, that binds your hands
Will you sacrifice your comfort
Make your way in a foreign land
Wrestle with your darkness
Angels call your name
Can you hear what they are saying
Will you ever be the same” 
— Madonna — Isaac

I’ve known Alyssa for about six years. She’s always been a dancer that I can count on to have a great work ethic and an extremely positive attitude; her solo in the Twisted Cabaret was one of the most well-received pieces. Our relationship up until this point had been pretty professional, but she would become one of my dearest friends and inspirations. Shortly after we concluded the Twisted Cabaret, I went through a low point, and it was Alyssa’s encouragement that helped me get through.

By the time I had finished with The Twisted Cabaret, I felt really good about the creative direction I was going in. I was pleased that the test run of the show was successful and that my new direction was well received by the audience. However, I still didn’t have the feeling I was hoping for after it was all said and done. I needed to take some time to figure out what I had missed.

During my downtime, I connected quite a bit with Alyssa, and she encouraged me to continue with my vision. She always reminded me that you have to continue to put your aesthetic into the world to be seen. Sometimes our connections were dancing in the studio, sometimes they were chats on the phone, but our connections were just the sense of renewal that I needed to have in order to continue to push on. Her loyalty helped me to remember why I began this transformational journey. Her work also encouraged me to explore other avenues and to see where my inspirations led me. Taking her advice, I would go on to write a few grant applications. I also spent time working with a small group of dancers crafting my style, shooting videos and traveling. Her influence and contribution both on and off stage inspired me to continue seeking new avenues of expression.

During this time of exploration, I met many different artists. I found a lot of support in sharing my vision with other artists. Seeing their enthusiasm and support encouraged me to continue to build; they got it. Alyssa was an important reminder that in life, it is always quality over quantity that truly matters and I am so thankful that many of those artists I collaborated with would eventually become a part of my amazing collective.

Those experiences building up to and finishing the Twisted Cabaret (the “cocoon”) was how I was able to transform it into The Purple Lemonade (the “butterfly”).