September 05, 2016: Labor of Love

We know we aren’t alone here, working on the day dedicated to NOT working, but the thing is — we love what we do and legit can’t stop. One thing that does help get us through our day is a sip of our Music Mondays playlist. We are hyped on upcoming artists (Folly Rae and Khary), along with our favorites (Pusha T and Suga Free) and some unreleased White Stripes… These new releases will vibe you through Labor Day and that short week. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, actually taking a day off, or a little bit of both, make sure you have our “Labor of Love” playlist on repeat; or maybe even go back to our Kanye Playlist, or even farther back to our first one and mix it up today.


Per usual - some album suggestions below.

Glass Animals, How to be a Human Being.

We can’t stop listening to this!

Mura Masa, Someday Somewhere.

In case you slept on it…