She’s Marvelous: #Recipe of Marvia Jones MUA

Through each of our walks of life, it never ceases to amaze us when we bring talent to the table, and at some point or another, we are all already linked (so more like 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon theory.) It’s almost like there is limited co-signing needed or validating done, and ultimately, since we all just want to put our talented friends on, it only seems natural that in some form or fashion, they are working in the arts industry already.

The first time I worked with Marvia Jones, I was working as a fashion editor for a Seattle Publication and she had been hired to work as a model for the monthly editorial. At that time, I had worked with an array of models — some forgettable and some unforgettable. Marvia had such a spark about her; she was nurturing, professional, talented and beautiful inside and out. Fast forward 10 years…I meet with Ron Gatsby about The Purple Lemonade and one of the first artists he name drops is Mrs. Jones. There was no doubt that I needed and wanted her energy at the Lemonade stand.

Not only was Marvia a model, but one of the fiercest make-up artists in the town. Her eye and attention to details, combined with her willingness to be directed, with changes, was what made her a perfect fit for our recipe. She can make a man a queen, transform a simple girl to a diva, and make you know your worth as a person, without the makeup, all at the same damn time. Her work is flawless and she is extremely passionate (and compassionate) about making sure her canvas gets the most respect and dedication; it is her art.

Besides being extremely talented, there is a lot more to this artist…let’s read up on her and make you fall in love with her, like we have.


1. Who are you, and what do you do? Describe a typical day for Marvia.

Who am I? I like to think that I’m a jack of all trades. First and foremost, I am a mother of two crazy, yet, amazing children, but in my “spare” time (LOL) I am a Makeup Artist and hairstylist. A typical day in my life is a hand full; from juggling family and work and just being the super women I love to be.

2. What is your association with The Purple Lemonade?

Omg…I met some of the team members back in, I believe, 2008, when I was skinny (*eyeroll*) and working as a Model with DList magazine. The Beauty of it all is that I remained friends with the entire creative team. My amazing friend Ron Gatsby reached out to me and explained that he and a couple others were in the works of putting together a team and company of incredible artists and asked if I would love to be the Lead MUA. No way I could ever say no and the rest is history (and the future will be, too.)

3. Top two inspirations in your industry.

Let’s see if I had to choose two?…that’s a hard one.

#1- would have to be the industry in itself. This industry of artistry is forever evolving into something more and keeping up is the hardest part.

#2- I would say Momma RuPaul. I don’t miss a season of the RuPaul Drag Race. I have learned so much from a drag queen and am still learning. The way they can create a masterpiece and transform the face into something out of this world is mind blowing to me. You can learn a good something from a queen, honey.

4. Your make up must haves (brands, techniques, etc)

Makeup brands I use, unmmm so many. Right now in my kit I have Nars, NYX, Cover Girl, Bobby Brown, MAC, Morphe, and Benefit, to name a few. I love to mix and try new brands. One thing I have learned is that all lines don’t work for everyone, and that’s ok!

5. What is your (adult) drink of choice?

Let’s just say after I pop this bun in my oven, in January, it will either be a BerryBerry Lemon Drop (aka a Purple Lemonade) or a Green Apple Angry Orchard, but honestly, I am not a real big drinker.

6. What is your dream project; in the next five years?

My dream project would be either New York Fashion week, or doing make for the stars. In five years I pray I’m doing my dream projects.


What we are learning about our team is that as performers, they are full out, always in character and almost an entirely different person, (this goes for those behind the scenes, too) but when it comes to talking about themselves, a dash of humbling vibes come out and it is almost like talking about who they are and why they are a very important ingredient to The Purple Lemonade is awkward for them. In reality, it just goes to show that they are confident in what they do, know they are here for the right reasons, and the right time, and truly love what art they put out. We are thankful and humbled, too. -Puck

Check out some of her PLC work and freelance projects below!

Queens of the Contemporary Age Editorial

The Purple Lemonade debut performance at Pride: Seattle

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