The Bond of Brotherhood

The format for The Purple Lemonade Collective is simple; support the arts community, while providing a platform for our company members to create and grow as artists. We love to perform, but it goes beyond that. We strive to push our artists as individuals to help them reach greater heights, while supplying the means to do so.

“This piece to us, was all about exploring new movement. We wanted to push ourselves to create something different from what we usually do; using the song “Faded” by Zhu, as inspiration to do so. Although collaborations can be difficult at times, since artists often have different views, things could not have worked smoother for us.” — Braidon

The Bond of Brotherhood was choreographed, filmed, produced and finalized in a week– we presented Braidon and Will with this challenge and they executed it flawlessly and professionally. Per usual, every aspect going into this collaborative project was carried out by a PLC member; wardrobe, film, concept, choreography, etc.

“The bond of brotherhood between us is strong, in a very symbiotic way. So after some studio time and a little creative help from our PLC fam, we have emerged with this: a strong, powerful, warrior-centric piece that pushed us to new limits and boundaries.” — Will

We think you’ll agree that Braidon and Will beautifully captured the essence of brotherhood and creativity. Watch the boys as they battle as warriors together on their creative journey.