The Classic Timberland: #TBT to a Style, But Will Never Be a Throwback

There are certain pieces that will for forever be iconic in fashion; the classic wheat Timberland is one of them. Whether your style plays on a masculine, feminine, street or chic silhouette, a sensible classic ‘Timbaland’ will serve you well.

…”Everyone from builders to bartenders, from musicians to photographers wear this must-have. No one trend or culture can claim ownership of the Original Yellow Boot™ style because it goes so well with any lifestyle”…

They pair easily with everything from sweats to your favorite denim, and can be seen worn by babies to baby boomers. That is the glory of this staple item — they do not “discriminate” with age or preference. Maybe your personal style calls for a classic 6-inch boot, so, I suggest trying my all time favorite, the 6-inch Timberland “Glancy” heel. It’s almost like hitting two birds with one stone with this pair.

With any option, the Original Yellow Boot™ Timberland is a must have for any fashion lover. This classic suede and brown leather boot will forever be a symbol of street sensibility and timeless style; The PLC will ALWAYS be here for it! -Ron Gatsby

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