Upgrade Lemonade: A Recipe for Opulence

When I was mixing Upgrade Oceans, I wanted to mix something that made the crew feel like we were out on the yacht; champagne and fashions for the masses. I wanted people to feel like they were the very definition of opulence when they heard it. Naturally the recipe for this mix would have to to include Bey & Jay. After that I added additional flavors as needed; a pinch of Frank Ocean here, a scoop of Drake there, and a pinch of M.I.A. (thank you Puck) for good measure.

I think the result is the feeling you get when you know that your hustle is strong, your crew is on point, and you’re ready to make bigger and better moves. As you listen to the mix I hope you feel bold, triumphant and ready to slay whatever comes your way.

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