VIBES 002.5

“It’s very very dark sounding just so you know… “ — Moe AKA Dj Famous

These were Moe’s words to me after he sent over the latest mix in the Vibes series. Dj Famous’ Vibes series plays like a diary of an artist who’s found new energy in using their art to understand their environment. Vibes 2.5 is dark, brooding, and unapologetic. A look at the cover art definitely tells you that Vibes 2.5 has a very different feel than it’s predecessors. Vibes 001 & 002 are light melodic, futuristic trap landscapes; Vibes 2.5 is a bleak opulent opus, with lush bravado and cadence. The melodies are cool, composed and collected, but the delivery is more assertive and less reflective than the previous two mixes. Definitely NSFW.

As artists we try to use our art as a means to understand our view of the world. One would remiss to think that the current social climate hasn’t had an effect on Famous as a Dj. This set is the musical equivalent of the feeling you’re going through if you’re a minority and processing what it means to be in America now — Ain’t nothing changed, the feeling may be a bit more subdued for the moment, but we’re still out here livin’ — giggin’ all that! Famous is clearly in “Dark Twisted Fantasy Mode” with this one. It’s a little darker, a little moodier, but still draped in gold. When you listen to 2.5 you’re reminded that we’ve always survived and brilliantly so; resilience has been and will always be our greatest strength. It’s always darkest before dawn. Vibes 2.5 glorious revels in that darkness while we await the dawn of Vibes 003 next month — Ron Gatsby.