Typically when I set out to make a mix series, there’s a goal; I have a particular mood I want you to feel for the whole series. That’s not the case with Vibes; Vibes runs all over the place — that’s why I love it. There’s no major theme, just feel good music. I wish I had a cool story as to why I came up with this series, something with an amazing back story. But in all honesty, I was in my car listening to Soulection Radio on Apple Music and thought “hey, I can do this style. Nobody really does future sound mixes yet, it’s either all super turnt hip hop or balls to the wall EDM. “

It doesn’t matter when or where you turn this series on. It will always fit. Especially those times when you don’t want to worry about flipping through several songs to find the perfect “one.” Whether it’s 6 am and you’re on your way to work, 5 pm in traffic or 3 am on your way home from the club (trust me; I’ve tested it all several times) Vibes is your ultimate go-to.

Much love to my family over at The Purple Lemonade for premiering Vibes. This is actually the first time anybody has stepped to me to release my music. Enjoy! — Dj Famous

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