Anyone who knows Moe aka Dj Famous knows that they are too very different people. It’s a very Clark Kent vs. Superman dichotomy.

When I last spoke to Moe about Vibes 2.5, he mentioned that he didn’t want the mood of the series to get too dark, but he needed to make art based on how he was feeling in the moment. This was shortly after the close of an exhausting election cycle and an odd (to say the least) social landscape. I couldn’t help but think perhaps Vibes 2.5 was a bit more influenced by Moe (Clark Kent) processing reality.

However from the moment the horns start in Vibes 003, you know Dj Famous is true superhero form. Vibes 003 is a party. It is impossible to listen to the mix and not feel free, energized and well…relieved. Yes, there’s still the chill under current the series is known for, but there’s also a new rebounding element to the mix that reminds us to be alive; forcing us to feel good!

A lyric at around 19:00 in the mix brilliantly sums up the entire feel Famous conveys through this installment: “it’s only up we go”.

If making music that causes people to feel amazing ain’t a real-life superpower, I don’t know what is. Vibes 003 is exactly the liberation we need. Thanks for the rescue Famous, it was right on time. — Ron Gatsby

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