Why Now: An Interview with Ron Gatsby

A few months ago while working on a grant application, there was a question that stuck out to me; the question was simply, why now? That question meant and still means so much to me because other than artistic expression, the answer to this issue continues to grow and evolve. After seeing the overwhelming love and support of The Purple Lemonades debut, I have even reasons more to add to this list. So here’s WHY NOW:

Because our communities see themselves reflected in our art.

Because we need beauty to counter all the craziness and hate.

Because there are people who are seeking a platform and a voice to express themselves, and it’s our responsibility to create it if it doesn’t exist.

This video was one of my submissions for the 4 Culture Individual Arts Project Grant. In the interview, I spoke about why I chose to create a cabaret as my platform. Although Twisted Cabaret transformed into something completely different; you can hear in the interview where the seeds of The Purple Lemonade were sown.

The Purple Lemonade has grown into a very different entity. Our vision for where we are going with our art has expanded to a desire to be more deeply rooted in our community. A few things are a little different from the time of this filming; for example, our new official home-base for all of our performances and operations will be at The Studios in Downtown Seattle. This location change allows the PLC to contribute to the Seattle arts community in a much more connected way. We are so excited for this next stage in our journey, and even more excited that you’re coming along with us for the ride.

P.S. There’s one more thing I forgot to mention…..WE WERE AWARDED A 4CULTURE INDIVIDUAL ARTS PROJECT GRANT FOR 2016!!!!

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