End Of Year Stats: Part 1

With the 2017 season in the books, we looked at stats to see how the Grand Junction Rockies finished the year.


Photo by Todd Bennett

Michael Agis:

Michael Agis compiled a 1–2 record in 19 appearances. He had a 3.55 ERA in 25.1 innings of work while walking four and striking out 29.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Anderson Amarista:

Anderson Amarista compiled a 4–3 record in 12 appearances. He had a 8.20 ERA in 56 innings of work while walking 24 and striking out 38.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Reagan Biechler:

Reagan Biechler compiled an 0–1 record in six appearances. He had a 6.30 ERA in 10 innings of work while walking two and striking out 10.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Tommy Doyle:

Tommy Doyle compiled a 3–3 record in 20 appearances. He had a 5.14 ERA in 21 innings of work earning three saves while walking 10 and striking out 18.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Will Gaddis:

Will Gaddis compiled a 3–1 record in 11 appearances. He had a 5.68 ERA in 44.1 innings of work walking seven and striking out 26.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Lucas Gilbreath:

Lucas Gilbreath compiled a 2–3 record in 12 appearances. He had a 4.60 ERA in 43 innings of work walking 27 and striking out 32.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Colton Hathcock:

Colton Hathcock compiled a 2–4 record in 23 appearances. He had a 3.82 ERA in 33 innings of work walking 16 and striking out 39.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Brandon Lambright:

Brandon Lambright compiled a 1–2 record in 17 appearances. He had an 8.86 ERA in 21.1 innings of work walking 21 and striking out 21.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Jan Carlos Lopez:

Jan Carlos Lopez had no decisions in 20 appearances. He had an 8.67 ERA in 27 innings of work with a save and walking 16 while striking out 23.

Photo by Todd Bennett

Alexander Martinez:

Alexander Martinez had no decisions in 18 appearances. He had a 3.41 ERA in 29 innings of work while walking 13 and striking out 33.

Our next installment will focus on the rest of the Grand Junction Rockies pitchers.