Me, age 4, September of 1999

A Glimpse of What Has Been Written

It begins with two people falling in love. Jewish-raised Jodi Saitow—daughter of Marcia Saitow or more familiarly, my Bubby— and Karl Folk, son of Jan and Dallas Folk, met in graduate school. My father swept my mother off of her feet and out of her current boyfriend’s arms. They married August 19, 1990 and had a beautiful daughter November 4, 1992, Abbi Lynn Folk. Three years later on September 16th, 1995 they had me, Samantha Taylor Folk.

Jodi Saitow and Karl Folk’s wedding day, the beginning of what I have come to know as my parents.
Picture Left: my parent’s wedding with Bubby and Arnold. Picture Right: my parents with my Father’s parents, Jan and Dallas.
My uncle Jimmy (mom’s brother), Arnold, Jodi, Karl, Marcia, my uncle Jeff, my aunt Patty, and in the front Florence and Jules. August 19, 1990.
Picture Left: A photo of my parents, about 5–6 years before they decided to separate. One of their happier moments. March of ’02. Picture Right: celebrating their first new years together with my first dog Tucker. 1991.

Some moments I cherish…

Pictured left, my biological sister Abbi Folk and I at Disney, April of ’99. Pictured right and blow, various solo shots taken from the same year.
I like to call this one “Starting Young”
Various photos of my sister and I throughout our childhood.

When I turned 13, I had a bat mitzvah. Three days after, I was told my parents were getting a divorce. My father had recently sobered up and came home from rehab the year before and they decided the marriage wasn’t going to work. A whirlwind of trauma and beginnings ensued for my sister and I. In the midst of the divorce, we tragically lost the relationship with our mother and gained a new relationship with a father that followed Christ instead of his addiction. Shortly after, we received an entire new family. We call ourselves the rescue dogs.

Me at my bat mitzvah, age 13
The beginning of a new family: My father and Step Mother celebrating their marriage Jun 5, 2009
My family: Kathy Kinder(back left), Karl Folk, Abbi Folk (left), Jessica Kinder, Jacob Kinder, Jaclyn Kinder, Myself, the family dog, Kitty. Taken December of ‘09.
Our first trip as a family, to watch Jan and Dallas renew their vows after 65 years.

And from there, the rest is history…

Picture left: my high school graduation with my father, step mother, sister and grandparents. Picture Right: a thanksgiving picture of the siblings.
Pictures of my beloved guides in this thing we call life.