A Visual Supplement to Qchain’s January Dev Update

Our January dev update described numerous updates to our back-end stack, including our creation of a Python Ethereum API, which supports the core Ethereum RPC, as well as the Geth and Parity management APIs.

Python Ethereum RPC client is a Python client to communicate with Ethereum nodes via Ethereum’s JSON remote call procedure.

Below, you’ll find screenshots showing our dev team’s work on the client:

The main repository of the python-ethereum-client, showing the project structure, licensing information, and integration with Python’s packaging system (setuptools).

Sample code demonstrating how to use the client. The regular client provides a clean API for simple workloads, while the asynchronous client scales more efficiently for numerous, simultaneous requests.

Implementation of AbstractClient, which is an abstract base class for both Client and AsyncClient. AbstractClient maps each RPC method to a member function.

Methods for the Web3 interface of the Ethereum client, containing simple utilities to facilitate transaction processing. Each method is then wrapped to both Python and the RPC naming conventions, so `__web3_client_version` may be called as `web3_client_version` or `web3_clientVersion`.

Documentation for the support Ethereum RPC methods. The documentation lists the function name, description, parameters, and a description of each parameter. All RPC methods from both Geth and Parity are supported.