How to Add Your Qchain Tokens to Your Ethereum & NEM Wallets

A number of crowdsale participants have reached out to ask us how to access and view their tokens. Scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

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EQC (Ethereum)

So, you purchased EQC, were told that our crowdsale developer Zerion had sent the EQC, and can’t see it in your balance on whichever interface/application you are using for Ethereum. Don’t panic: Unless a wrong address was given, you probably have your EQC.

Viewing Your EQC Balance With Etherscan

First, to see whether EQC exists in your account, go to Etherscan and plug in the Ethereum address you provided for contributions. When the page corresponding to your address is displayed, navigate your cursor to the “Token Tracker” field under the “Misc” section on the right side of the page. Click the dropdown icon corresponding to “Token Tracker,” and you should be able to see EQC displayed among your list of tokens.

Interacting With Your EQC

Now, to interact with EQC, you will need to use a wallet application. We will show you how to see your EQC balance on MyEtherWallet (MEW) and Mist.

Via MyEtherWallet

Under the ‘Token Balances’ section, click ‘Add Custom Token’

‘Token Contract Address’ : 0xc438b4c0dfbb1593be6dee03bbd1a84bb3aa6213

‘Token Symbol’ : EQC

‘Decimals’ : 8

Via Mist

-Click on the “Contracts” button

-Scroll to the bottom and click “Watch Token”

-Enter the EQC token contract address in the “Token Contract Address” field: 0xc438b4c0dfbb1593be6dee03bbd1a84bb3aa6213

-Enter “Ethereum Qchain Token” in the “Token Name” field

-Enter “EQC” in the “Token Symbol” field

-Enter 8 in the “Decimal Places of Smallest Units”

-Press OK

You can add EQC to other Ethereum wallets of your choice with the information above as well. We will not provide the specific steps for other Ethereum wallets for now.


Go to NEM explorer (, plug in your address, and you should see your XQC balance if it was sent.

Then, download and install NanoWallet if you have not already, and you should be able to interact with XQC from inside NanoWallet immediately.

Thank you for joining our token sale!

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