Qchain Will Include Blockchain-Based Paid Survey Functionality

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thrilled to expand the Qchain team quite significantly. With more manpower, we find ourselves increasingly able to brainstorm, develop, and realize our ideas beyond our initial concept.

Today, we’d like to announce that we will also develop and incorporate an enterprise paid survey service into our platform. Our primary intention with this inclusion is to provide college students, homemakers, and anyone looking for supplementary income with a smooth and reliable way of earning compensation from filling out surveys. These surveys would come from marketers, pollsters, academics, A/B testers, and others who seek a means of quickly and securely obtaining data and information from a number of participants to inform their predictions and decisions.

We’d like to stress that this idea is not a cavalier whim to fill a gap in the blockchain survey space. Over time, giants like Amazon, Google, and SalesForce, have developed a comprehensive array of services and tools to make themselves indispensable for businesses and consumers. We judiciously apply their strategies and practices to our own growing project to bring us closer to our ultimate goal: to build a comprehensive ecosystem for digital marketers and advertisers who seek to do business on blockchains.

The Survey Web Application

So, how will the survey web application be organized and structured? Users will be able to select whether to log on to the advertising application or the survey application on the login page of our site. Separate accounts will be required for each application.

After creating an account, users will need to fill out basic details about their identities for know-your-customer (KYC) legal compliance purposes, as well as study and survey qualification and filtering purposes. (For example, a study that is only open for certain demographics will require the ability filter out ineligible users.)

We at Qchain vow to not sell this user data or employ it for any other purposes aside from legal and qualification use. As we’ve stated previously, maintaining the privacy of our users is one of our chief concerns. If a user does not want to fill out non-mandatory information fields during the registration process, they can certainly choose not to do so, and would simply be ineligible for studies requiring those particular fields.

Upon logging into the enterprise survey website, users will be able to navigate to “Participant” and “Researcher” sections of the site on a right-side menu. When users click the “Researcher” button, they will be directed to an interface for submitting their survey. Study submitters will first file their token choice for participant funding (EQC or XQC), their funding source (NEM or Ethereum wallet address), and their funding per participant. They will then reach a page to select the topical category of their survey and submit their study. When users click the “Participant” button, they will be directed to an interface that shows them a list of all active studies that can then be filtered into a list of studies that they are eligible to participate in. A message underneath listings of studies that users cannot participate in will indicate the specific fields that disqualify users from the study.

Benefits for Researchers

Researchers will be able to reach subjects around the globe with Qchain’s survey service, and not be subject to geographic limitations. Subject information will be censored from researchers to fulfill institutional review board (IRB) regulations, ethical guidelines, subject randomization requirements, and bias reduction goals. We will also be building a robust set of statistical tools for researchers into the application that allow for cursory data analysis and processing.

Researchers will also enjoy similar advantages as advertisers do in our advertising application: They will be able to maintain control of their funds without transferring their control to a central agent. Furthermore, they will not have to go through a lengthy approval process and will be able to submit studies immediately after their registration.

Benefits for Participants

Participants will be able to receive immediate payout of EQC or XQC to their own wallets, following verification of their survey completion. This is in drastic contrast to most major paid survey sites presently, where participants must meet a high threshold of earnings from surveys before they are able to withdraw. Even worse, these thresholds are often filled with many caveats that prevent withdrawal, resulting in a massive waste of time for users.

Additionally, participants can rest assured knowing that, unlike other more unscrupulous survey sites, Qchain will not sell user data and email addresses to spammers, nor will we store any of the data that users have entered into surveys. Qchain will only keep the registration details on file for legal compliance and study qualification purposes.

Use Cases For Our Forthcoming Service

To better help you understand our enterprise paid survey functionality, we’d like to propose two very different scenarios in which our service can be used.

#1: A Political Scientist Obtains Subject Responses Using Qchain:

Dr. Janet Weber, a university professor, is looking to quickly find subjects to take her survey about political beliefs and voting habits to inform her analysis. Dr. Weber decides to offer participants five XQC each in exchange for survey completion. Dr. Weber opens her survey to male participants whose profiles fit the requirements of being between the ages of 18 and 30. After a few days, she receives a notification that all of the funds in her research NEM wallet have been used up. Having reached her desired survey count, she declines to transfer additional funds into the wallet, closes the study, and then downloads her results from the Qchain web application as a comma-separated values file for further analysis.

#2: A Marketing Research Firm Performs A/B Testing:

The market research firm, Aqualad Analytics, has been hired by a film distribution company to determine which taglines for upcoming superhero films are more appealing to the global population. Aqualad Analytics fields a simple A/B testing survey in Qchain that is open to all registered participants and chooses to offer EQC in exchange for survey completion. Each survey question asks users to select their preferred option among two movie posters with different taglines. Upon exhaustion of research wallet funds, Aqualad Analytics then downloads, filters, and sorts their collected survey data based on gender, age, nationality, and other categories, using Qchain’s tools. They are then able to organize their results into a presentation for the distribution company.

With the explanations and use cases above, we hope we’ve successfully demonstrated how Qchain can provide utility and ease for researchers and survey participants. We look forward to enriching the digital enterprise economy and welcome your feedback as always.

-Wally Xie, Angela Wang, and The Qchain Team