Updates from the Qchain Dev Team: 11/30/18

As anyone with a foot in the blockchain world knows, the past few weeks have been rough on the crypto market. The bear market has taken its toll, making it even more difficult for small projects, like ours, to survive and sustain footing. But despite the setbacks, we continue have faith in the underlying technology, the potential for wider adoption, and the eventual recovery of the market. As such, we continue to make progress toward our goals. Scroll down to read our November dev update.

Biz Dev

On the development side of our business, we are currently in talks regarding an opportunity born of Wally’s recent trip to Asia. We expect this plan to help launch Qchain to the next level, and pending negotiations, we will make an announcement publicly.

Tech Dev

Over the past month, we’ve made many major functionality improvements and fixes for the MVP. They’re currently in our private repos, and in the next day or two, we’ll be doing some clean-up, branch merging, and configuration for live deployment.

We’ve fixed almost all of the bugs in the marketplace section of the MVP. The marketplace now correctly connects to and retrieves listings from the database, and works across browsers and with the proper security. (Users must be registered and logged in to authenticate the API.) We’ve also fixed the pagination issue — users can navigate the listings by the page number bottom of the tab. The marketplace filters in the left sidebar, as well as the keyword search for listings, are now properly implemented as well. In addition, we have added expanded listing views for the marketplace, which show additional detail when clicking on a listing.

We are currently sorting out a few bugs in the listing creation pages, including one that asks users to complete all fields to continue with listing creation. The database back-end and REST API sides for this are ready; we are now straightening out front end bugs and additional API glue code. In the back end, we’ve also set up the database for more complex marketplace operation, including offers, contracts, and invoices, to be implemented in the front end in the future.

Lastly, we are working on the dashboard page, which will show graphs and tables for a user’s contracts, as well as statistics and data summaries.