Updates From the Qchain Dev Team: 5/31/18

Spring has brought another big month for Qchain. Two new exchanges, Nebula and Instex, launched this month, both opting to list EQC on their respective platforms. Complementing the exchange listings, EQC was added to index sites CoinGecko and LiveCoinWatch. Both our business and tech progress have exceeded our expectations, and the team is continuing to fire on all cylinders. Read our full dev update below.

Biz Dev

We kicked off the month by co-organizing an event to introduce the idea of a NEM incubator (“NEMcubator”) in Los Angeles, featuring speakers including Qchain CEO Wally Xie, Stellar’s Pavel Kravehenko, Lasha Antadz of shelf.network, and Jeff McDonald of the NEM Foundation. The speakers judged a pitch competition of potential NEM projects, with the winner taking home a cash prize to put towards developing their ideas. As NEM gains traction internationally, we hope to generate increased American interest in the platform. Further on the marketing end, we discussed a potential partnership with Civic down the line.

On the people ops side, we hired a stellar Social Growth & Operations Specialist, Matthew Kim. With data-intensive psychology research experience at UCLA and Washington University in St. Louis under his belt, in addition to a burgeoning passion for blockchain technology, Matt brings another layer of savvy and enthusiasm to the team. You’ll see him around on Telegram and our other social channels, so feel free to say hello.

Our CCO, Angela Wang, attended the industry’s largest annual event — Coindesk’s Consensus 2018 — where she met with Qchain advisors, toured the bustling NEM pavilion (the biggest NEM event yet), and listened in on panels covering topics ranging from content monetization, to using blockchain tech for socially-engaged causes. The event precipitated the first Blockchain Week New York: a full week of talks, discussions, and presentations.

And as the month neared a close, we pushed notable updates to our front end demo UI and invited our community to try it out. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be vamping up the copy and continuing to fine tune features.

Tech Dev

We have made extensive changes and improvements to our codebase, most visibly, a major overhaul and refactor of the marketplace front end. Behind the scenes, we completed and deployed a migration of our marketplace code from Angular to React. This gives us more flexibility and control over front-end design. For example, the migration to React will allow us to write more modular code and will also facilitate our integration with Civic, which will be a future option for registration and authentication on the marketplace.

Additionally, we have substantially improved the user interface, with many graphical, ergonomic, and functional refinements and fixes. We also applied responsiveness to all components throughout the app, making for a good experience on all screens and window sizes, and quashed lots of small bugs across the app.

Lastly, we have added extensible code for sending HTTP requests to RESTful APIs for the marketplace database and other web services, and have connected the front end to APIs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for testing. For example, we have successfully integrated and tested various back-end components using AWS Lambda functions, and have written reducers to fetch and display data from an internal JSON REST API.

Take a look at some screenshots of the current marketplace demo below, and try it out for yourself.