The QRL enQlave Project — Bringing Post-Quantum Security to Ethereum

QRL’s Smart Contracts will bring the post-quantum security of XMSS (eXtended Merkle Signature Scheme) to mainnet Ethereum, and eventually to any other blockchain platform with sufficiently expressive smart contract capabilities.

  • Enable Ethereum users to protect their ETH and ERC-20 balances from the risk of a quantum computer attack, using Smart Contracts on mainnet Ethereum.
  • Enable the bi-directional migration of Quanta (QRL’s token) between QRL ←→ Ethereum and eventually any blockchain network with sufficient smart contract capabilities.
  • Enable the creation of post-quantum secure tokens on mainnet Ethereum (Ethereum Quantum Resistant Tokens, or “eQRTs”).
An early design diagram of the enQlave system
The structure of an XMSSAccount in the “Registry” Contract
Inside the constructor of the “Registry” Contract, an eQRTFactory is deployed
An alpha-stage version of the front-end in action



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