The Quest for Wisdom—

II. The Role of Devotion in Knowledge

Without devotion there is only a mental knowledge. Like a fish that lives only in water, this knowledge only lives in our heads. But the mind is not the only instrument capable of receiving knowledge and thus any integral foundation of knowledge must be larger and grander in scope and poise.

The human body works irrespective of our understanding as to how it works. What’s happening here? How is the physical complex organising this information? In the last one hundred years or so, we have developed a theory — attribute this knowledge to deeper levels within the brain. But who first told the heart to pump blood into the brain? At this point, someone will direct you towards Darwin…

You see, this way of thinking is exactly how modern mathematics constructs the irrational numbers. We claim we know rational numbers and then construct a sequence of rational numbers that are converging to a number which they never reach! The limit of this sequence is called the irrational number. This is how Evolution works.

In fact, if you watch this process more closely, you will see that all mental knowledge works in this way. We seek to know nature through our ladder of facts. We never reach there, we just keep going higher and then we stop somewhere and shout, ‘ I can keep climbing, therefore one day I will reach it’ — of course within a degree of approximation!

The first point is the following one — Be open to the possibility that knowledge can live in different parts of the system and not just in the brain.

P.S — Don’t look for a proof to my conclusion. I haven’t given one and you won’t find it either. Proofs are not knowledge. Proofs are a part of a process in one branch of Modelic Epistemology.

The second point is — Be open to a methodology of knowledge that’s different from what the larger part of mankind is practicing today. Think of today’s way as the fad! You don’t have to discard either, there’s no monogamy here, keep both in your arsenel.

What is this other knowledge? Simply stated it is a combination of the following two principles :

  1. All knowledge descends upon us from a source that does not need to be named.
  2. The function of our lower instruments including the mind is to synthesise this flow. Convert it into a our native language to the best of our ability.

We now wish to know the methods by which this knowledge can be acquired. It’s not a reaching out or a grasping of sorts. So we begin with absolute silence in the mind. So far so good.

Now what? Do we wait for the intellectual rain? That would be silly. Not quite! We do wait for the rain. But we can do something else meanwhile — position ourselves under the clouds.

Devotion. Yes, devotion is this positioning of the psyche. It rests upon a central principle that modern physics is circling around — the Big Bang. You are the universe. You were there when it began and hence all knowledge is really self knowledge. You were not separate from the object of your knowledge. The so called separation occured later. Your devotion is to that which existed before the separation.

In the traditional way of knowledge, your questions went like this, “How does this happen”?

In this other approach you are asking, “How did I create it? How did I will it?” An ancient text written by a Madman from today’s standards, the Isha Upanishad, reveals this to us. It talks about a secret prayer — O Will, remember, that which was done remember! O Will, remember, that which was done remember.

But it still doesn’t answer the question of devotion. All this is very rational so far, albeit with a touch of madness.

The real secret is devotion. It is the secret behind the secret prayer. The prayer will ring utterly false if said from a viewpoint where you still believe that you are separate from the source of the universe.

Every cell in your body should be devoted to returning to it’s source, not just in the mind but in totality. Every part of your system — your heart, your mind and your body must seek this knowledge. Your mind should want what we call Wisdom, your heart must want it like a lost child searches for his Mother and your body should feel like a severed piece floating from it’s source.

The wise have revealed to us that when you want something this bad something magical happens… The rain clouds come to where you stand.

A note to the readers. Some have suggested that these pieces of writing are quite terse. You want more elaborations. More analysis. Slower.

This journal is called the Quest for Wisdom. It is time I say a few lines regarding this journal.

  1. This is a Quest for something beyond the realm of words and ideas. The central theme is a transformation. A transformation of the totality of the human being.
  2. Words can only plant seeds. Truly, words are nothing more than me smiling across this screen. Both are symbols. Symbols are planted and then they either grow or wither away. I plant and you grow. If you do not wish to grow then do not read.
  3. Am I teaching here? Absolutely not. I am not a teacher and I am not wise. What I am is hard to describe. Flux and Mad, they come close. These are notes to the surface personality in me and thus to the surface personality in all. We all suffer from a common root ignorance. That is the cosmic joke.
  4. This journal is strictly for the mad children of humanity. The Curious. The Open. The Listeners. Most importantly, it is for those who can sniff the cosmic ignorance.
  5. Who am I? Apart from the absurdity of this question, it is impossible to answer it now. What I can talk about is my relationship with you in spirit. I am your friend.
  6. Who should read this? This is easy to answer. If you enjoy it then you should read it. This rings true at the surface level and at the deeper levels as well. If you do not enjoy it then do not read it. Pass me by.