Gold Medallists 2k17 (contd…)

What’s better than being an IITian? Well, it is to be a gold medalist IITian.

On 7th October 2017 degrees of various discipline were conferred to graduate and postgraduate students in 6th convocation ceremony of IIT BHU. Among these were 47 top-notch students, crown princes of there departments who were honoured with single and even multiple gold medals for their meritious performance in academics. Shri Kiran Karnak (Director, Central board of directors, RBI) and Shri Som Dev Tyagi (Educationist & Social Worker), chief guests of convocation addressed the traditionally dressed audience in Swatantrata Bhawan. As rest of the IIT junta wonders and speculates at the accomplishment of their seniors here are some first-hand accounts of them describing their journey.


He is the recipient of the gold medal in IDD CSE, credits his achievement to his highly competitive peers & helping professors; not forgetting to state the role of luck as well. He feels that one must keep himself busy with productive work to avoid distractions — a piece of advice he had received & followed. He recalls the way the Ghats & language lessons, & the whole BHU, in general, helped in developing his personality. He feels that competition in BHU was always fierce, especially in the programming field & recounts his good performances in Hackathons & CTF’s (Capture The Flag). According to him, the third year of college was the best one because of the internship, Japanese classes & the many fests he was part of. The moment that makes him most proud was when he scored the highest CPI among IDD first-yearites, thereby changing his branch to CSE. He advised us juniors to get involved in productive activities & make the most of what BHU has to offer, since, in his words, “These opportunities are one of a lifetime.”

PRERNA KHULLAR (IDD, Material Science)

She received the gold medal in material science IDD. Doing good in studies has an analogy with Lays according to her. Just like you cant stop eating Lays after having one piece; you naturally want to outdo yourself after scoring a high GPA. Her journey started with being utterly oblivious of competition in the first year, realising the importance of making a mark in academics in the second year, getting placed and earning a gold medal in her final years. She still recalls calling her father at 2 am to inform him about getting placed as the proudest moment of her in college life. At times when she felt low she used to recall all the hard work invested and with little willpower, she would bounce back. No one can solely be credited for success she thinks that it is a function of many factors and some being intangible like roommate, batchmates or friends. In short everything matters. She had the jolliest time when she was in her third year as one gets comfortable learn a lot about the college by that time. Also, being an IDD student she didn’t have to worry about placements in her words most optimum time to enjoy the most. “Pursue anything you are good at and keep studies in the picture too!”- these are her instructions to all juniors.


The gold medallist from Pharmaceutical Engineering, Mr. Anurag Kumar, revealed that since the first year, his aim was not failing a course! However, guidance from his professors and his brother helped him to excel in academics. He recounts that through club activities in IIT BHU, he got to know about the diversified culture across India. He talked about competition being fierce & that in the first year, it was “every man for himself.” However, things got settled after a while & the third year was the best from a non-academic point of view. He feels that for IDD students, fifth year is the best since their academic and technical skills are put to test & after they get placed, bonuses & stipends lead to financial autonomy. After partying hard, they gear up for a research project with a stress-free mind. He cherishes the moment when his HoD called him in his chamber and congratulated him for galvanizing the change in juniors’ course structure. Summing up his journey in this institution, he phrases, “I entered a nerd & left a geek”.

Animesh Jain (IDD, Mechanical)

Recipient of the gold medal of Mechanical IDD batch of 2017 and currently working in Hero moto cop.

He entered in as a shy introvert boy and eventually turned into an eager to speak and people’s person. He had a curious and inquisitive mind and Banaras served him with galliyans, ghats, and spirituality to explore. Initially, like many of us, his thought were “kya socha tha kya paya…” but it is apparent that IIT BHU provided him something more than he could ask. If you want to know how to be like Animesh Jain then the do the following things. Stay out of your hostel room for most of the time. Help someone when you feel low to uplift yourself, and if this doesn’t work then spend some time on Harishchandra /Manikarnika Ghat and console your mind thinking that this all is for nothing. Help others to clear their doubt, indulge in a startup and tirelessly work 24*7 for it, lastly get committed and be proud of it. Students primarily work upon analytical, entrepreneur, management, communication, etc. skills but along with all this he practiced meditation consistently during his college days and credits his accomplishments to it.”Stop postponing your happiness and skill development activities. Strive for continuous improvement. Try to be better every day in every way…”

“िजस जगह जागो सबु ह, कुछ आगेउससेबढ केसो।”- his message to us.

Khushi Sahu (Btech, Mining, 2 medals)

She has won the gold medal of Mining Btech batch of 2017. Apparently, she gives all the credit for success to her parents. While most individual feel that college brings a significant transformation in a person, she is of a different opinion that not much has changed in her. We all have a friend about whom we are sure that no matter what he/she will top the class, Kushi mam was that friend. Her peers expected that she would bag the gold medal, but the same can’t be said for her parents. She was actively involved in sports in her first, second and third year. Although she did good in academics, but accomplishment in sports gave her more happiness. Her team winning silver in women volleyball in Spardha’13 is the most memorable moment of her college life. ”Keep exploring ”- her advice as a sports person.

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