Best British Longform Of The Week: Super-agents, virtual reality and red-top revenge

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Philip Rosedale in Second Life/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Third Life

Rowland Manthorpe, WIRED (UK), 24 Oct 16

Philip Rosedale, the creator of noughties hit Second Life, is back. His new startup, High Fidelity, aims to achieve his original vision: an internet of virtual worlds. The only problem? His former company is competing to do the same.

Mino Raiola: meet the super-agent behind Pogba and Ibrahimovic

Simon Kuper, FT Weekend Magazine, 29 Oct 16

If you thought footballers earn ridiculous sums, you should see the guy negotiating the deal. The FT’s Simon Kuper profiles the most notorious, hated super-agent in football.

Revenge Of The Tabloids

Andy Beckett, The Guardian, 27 Oct 16

Newspaper sales may have plummeted in recent years, but in Brexit, the tabloids may have pulled off their greatest ever coup. Beckett grapples with the new state of the press in May’s Britain.

‘It wasn’t about killing people’: what drove a British farmer to the Syrian frontline?

Matt Blake, The Guardian Weekend, 29 Oct 16

What makes British men want to abandon their lives to fight in a foreign war? A fascinating profile by Matt Blake of Dean Evans, the second British civilian to die fighting in Syria.

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