The best of British longform — 19 February 2016

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Batteries Not Excluded

Simon Parkin, How We Get To Next, 11 February

Image by bitslammer / Flickr, used under a Creative Commons licence

The lithium-ion battery, made commercially available in 1991, powers vast amounts of contemporary work and leisure activities. From watches to pacemakers, video games to hearing aids, batteries are an intrinsic part of modern life. So what happens if we run out of lithium?

Noma’s taste of tomorrow: creating the future of food

Greg Williams,, 18 February

Noma is a two Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been credited with reinventing Nordic Cuisine and has won the accolade of best restaurant in the world four years in a row. Greg Williams pays a visit to explore chef René Redzepi’s radical philosophy on food.

The Independent years: ‘A lovely sort of chaos’

Archie Bland, The Guardian, 15 February

Last Friday the Independent newspaper announced that it was closing its paper edition, with up to 100 jobs at risk. The paper’s former deputy editor, Archie Bland, took the chance to praise and catalog its bumpy journey since it launched in 1985.

Sex, distrust and Donald Trump: inside the world’s biggest gun show

Tom Rowley, The Daily Telegraph, 18 February

Demand for guns in America remains as consistent as it ever has. In 2009 there were more guns in the country than there were Americans. Tom Rowley explores the world’s biggest firearms event — the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

‘My daughter was failed by many and I was ignored’

Amelia Gentleman and Damien Gayle, The Guardian, 17 February

In January 2016, Sarah Reed was found dead in her cell at Holloway prison. She had been the victim of a notorious police brutality case in 2012 and suffered mental health issues known to prison officers, doctors, social workers, lawyers and police. So why was she there? Her mother tells her story.