Psalm 51 — Comfort and Peace

An English Sonnet

Woman walking away from camera outdoors in a field of flowers, wearing a flower crown and translucent white dress. All is in soft focus.
Image by Alejandro Tuzzi from Pixabay

I grieve and I lament for my offense;
I beg for Your forgiveness on my knees;
I give You no excuse in my defense;
Allow myself no comfort and no peace.
I know that I’m not worthy of Your grace,
And all that I can offer is my heart:
It’s broken, chastened, penitent, disgraced,
But in Your arms You let me fall apart.
You tell me I am good, beloved, dear,
And nothing could abate Your…




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Esther Spurrill-Jones

Esther Spurrill-Jones

Poet, lover, thinker, human.

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