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Who is God? What is God? Is God?

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My dad taught me that God is love. Pastors taught me that God is creator. Christians taught me that God is judgement.

Who is God?

Sometimes I doubt that God is.

I think God is okay with doubts. God is bigger than me and my belief cannot affect God’s existence. This is not some fantasy where a crowd singing loudly or clapping madly gives God life and strength. God is not Santa or Tinkerbell.

God, I believe. Help my unbelief.

God is bigger. This is something I have always felt in my deepest soul. People are always trying to put God into boxes, but no box is big enough.

God is not a man.

God is bigger than gender. God is bigger than race. God is bigger than borders. God is bigger than us. God is bigger.

God is love. Is love God?

I see God in love. Pure, true love that doesn’t ask for anything in return. That is where I see God.

Where do you see God?



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