Alternative Fortune Cookies

  • You’re a dickhead. But no one will tell you because you’re generous with your home-baked lasagne. Keep cooking.
  • You are like a flower, in the way that people would like to behead you and place in a vase in their homes.
  • You will be lucky today. But not tomorrow. Sorry. It’s just the way it goes. I would tell you about the day after tomorrow but I’m not Google and I don’t have a 7-day forecast.
  • The universe is random and meaningless. Have an extra doughnut. Ultimately, who gives a shit? Apart from your asshole, of course.
  • Tea? Fuck tea. Cocaine is better.
  • Get a haircut. Your fortune will improve dramatically. Like, people will begin looking at your face again when you talk to them.
  • The moon smiles at you and the sun gives you skin cancer.
  • Hollywood reboots are shit. Don’t watch any of them. Save your money. Put it towards paying off your insurmountable gambling debts.
  • Underpants first, then pants.
  • Vote for Trump.

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