Conversations with Jesus

On Trumpcare


JC: “Huh.”

MQ: “What?”

JC: “They passed Trumpcare through the House of Reps.”

MQ: “Trumpcare?”

JC: “Like Obamacare but without the ‘Obama.’”

MQ: “Right.”

JC: “Yeah.”

MQ: “Wait, so what’s your point?”

JC: “I dunno. Just figuring out what it means for me.”

MQ: “And?”

JC: “Looks like I should be right. I’m not poor.”

MQ: “Congratulations?”

JC: “And commiserations, of course, to those that are.”

MQ: “Yes, I should think so.”

JC: “Right, I’m off.”

MQ: “Where to?”

JC: “I’ve got to get these genital warts checked out.”

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