Convoluted Compliments #22

The AUX Cord

Photo by Alejandro Salinas on Unsplash

In the car, especially on road trips, where the music tastes of the passengers are about as numerous as the roadkill you drive by on the side of the road, you take up the audio jack without question, and manage to satisfy everyone enough so that there are no premature song changes, polarising requests being spouted from the behind seats, or ear plugs being placed in ears to alleviate one’s aural suffering.

It’s a balancing act. You understand this. And you understand that taking the easy way out, like playing pop hits from the eighties (for no one admits they dislike the eighties because ‘everyone’ likes the eighties), would not cut it here for a ten-hour road trip. Neither would classic Disney hits. You chose with flair and a little risk (necessary to spice the journey up), knowing when to cut the song short, or fast-forward to the chorus if the rap verse got too repetitive or the verse began to send the driver to sleep.

Although you receive no thanks at the time, I say an unfettered thank you now, and express my deepest gratitude for you, the tightrope-walking audiophile.

You would make a good diplomat, or a DJ. Potential also for a middle ground — DJ Diplomat, or something like that.

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