Houses on Crescent

The house on the corner of Crescent Street had too many straight lines, while the house directly opposite, also on the corner of Crescent Street, had too many crescents. The first house gave the illusion that its owners were on the straight and narrow; that they owned a pair of high precision German cars, corporate jobs, six figure salaries and children that would grow up to make snide remarks about their peers and constantly look down on people until they had become as their parents are, and inflict these virtues on their own children. The second house, however, sparked imaginations of hippy-types being the owners, their own children having grown up like the sprawling plants in their gardens — that is, free from pesticides, from preservatives, and ultimately free to explore the world at a whim. No regimented structures applied, morals and ethics came first, rather than salary and taxable incomes, and the spirit was indulged with travel and copious amounts of recreational drugs, rather than spikes in the stock market.

When the police arrived one day, though, the hippy types were discovered in the house with the straight lines, sitting on a tonne of cannabis plants and a hydroponics lab large enough to keep a colony on Mars in fresh food for a century. And the house with too many crescents, well, it fell over, due to a distinct lack of structural integrity.

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