I am Re-Writing the Book of Matthew

The Book of Matthew (Q)


Today I am announcing my intention to re-write the Book of Matthew.

The Book of Matthew, as most of you probably know, is the first book of the New Testament. It tells of the story of Jesus, from the apostle Matthew’s perspective, from his days of becoming the Messiah, to his death and resurrection, and further, to sending out his disciples into the world.

I will be using Bible Study Tools as the resource for this endeavour.

My aim will be to make this new book as bogan as possible, in the lexicon used and in the slight changes to the situations in the original version. My aim is, however, to stick to the same moral teachings that the Jesus teaches through the original Book.

I will be posting a few re-written passages a week — hopefully more. Please feel free to follow me or this publication if you want to keep up to date and share in this biblical upgrade.

Why am I doing this? I thought it might be a bit of fun. A bogan modernisation, if you will.

If you are offended by this, please try not to be. It’s a joke.

So let’s have some fun, shall we?

Matt Querzoli is launching a new series, where he re-writes the Book of Matthew into the Bogan Book of Matthew (Q). Follow his writing blog, his letters to strangers blog or his blog blog if you liked the post, or even the bloke himself if this tickled your proverbial pickle.

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