Local Mother Brings Home First Mangos Of Season, Results In Longest ‘Yeah Boy’ Ever


In purchasing a coveted box of the first mangos of the Australian season, Mrs Brunswick arrived home to her only child, Peter, producing the longest “Yeah boy” ever recorded.

“He just started yelling,” she said. “I thought it was nonsensical at first, but in hindsight he clearly said ‘Yeah’ quickly, first, and then carried out ‘Boy.’ For a long time. I thought for certain he was going to suffocate.”

Paramedics were called, but failed to get Peter to halt his ‘Yeah boy’ call until one decided to cut open one of the mangos, slice the flesh up into small, delicious cubes, and feed it to him.

In consultation with Mrs Brunswick and the paramedics on scene, Peter appears to have categorically smashed the long-standing record by YouTuber llMegaxlxll with a new time of two hours, fourteen minutes and thirty-six seconds.

Peter has been described as stable and “happy as Larry” since the events unfolded.

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