Pop Quiz: Which Of These Fetishes Do You Think I Have?

Answer/s at the Bottom

Photo by Harshal Hirve on Unsplash
  1. Being read a series of numbers, being asked to guess the next number in the sequence is, and getting it right.
  2. Being given a ‘Good Job!’ star sticker after doing a good job.
  3. The scent of a recently peeled cucumber.
  4. Three cherry tomatoes being placed inside my mouth and not chewing.
  5. Clipping my toenails.
  6. Being waterboarded, except with iced tea.
  7. Prayer.
  8. Winning a three-day game of Monopoly.
  9. A good book.
  10. A program with 100% test coverage.
  11. Being whipped by a woman wearing an uncomfortable amount of sweat bands.
  12. Harvesting belly-button fluff.
  13. Fingers being run through hair, while being whispered where the Dow Jones sits after close.
  14. Listening Foo Fighter’s Everlong while stroking velvet.
  15. Consensual sex with a lover.

Answers: 1) Only if the series is even; 2) Of course; 3) I prefer spanish onion; 4) Chewing is the fun part; 5) God yes; 6) Yes, and it’s better than hot tea; 7) Spirituality is a big turn-on; 8) I can’t be the only one; 9) Fuck yes; 10) Meh; 11) Only on a full stomach; 12) Affirmative; 13) I’m not a stock broker, so no; 14) I’d be surprised if you found someone who didn’t have this fetish; 15) Yes.

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