Precautions In Epilogues


James Hopkins did many things naked, and although these activities varied in their pleasure, there were none more satisfying for him than cooking scrambled eggs.

This was invariably after sex; James Hopkins enjoyed epilogues, and an epilogue in the form of creamy golden eggs was the best form of epilogue. They were wholesome, quick to digest, and didn’t leave you wanting more.

Of course, James had faced many dangers with his predisposition to nakedness. Chief among them, of course, were unrestrained bits and bobs getting too close to the hotplate; others when a random hair of questionable origin might appear in the middle of the steaming eggs, or when a young boy might walk into the kitchen, yawning as he made a beeline to the fridge for some juice.

Thus, James Hopkins was not only a man who enjoyed epilogues, but also taking precautions. To turn slowly in the kitchen, to shave below the belt often, and to be sure to ask ladies whom he would be going home with whether or not the fruit of their womb had already come to bloom.

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