Photo by Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

Scuba Diver

Flash Fiction

Jeremy tried not to glance right and down, but he lost that fight. Then he lost the rematch in observing the guy’s cock was bigger than his own.

“Ah,” the man sighed as he relieved a couple of hours of pent-up pints straight down the urinal. He spat right where he was aiming, then suddenly turned and slurred, “You know there’s people that swim in that for a living?”

“What?” said Jeremy, confused.

“There’s people paid to scuba dive in this shit. Well, piss and shit,” said the man. He swayed on the grate as blinked copiously, then looked left at Jeremy, eyes a watery red, and unfocused. “All this goes into large vats where it’s treated before making its way out to sea. Things often break. Plus you wouldn’t believe the stuff that people throw down the toilet. Gotta pick out the stuff that slips through so the vats don’t get clogged.”

Jeremy had now stopped pissing, but hadn’t yet put his dick away. The man finished, packed his own away and zipped up his fly. On his way out, completely bypassing the sink to wash his hands, he clapped Jeremy on the back and said, “The more you know…”

Despite himself, Jeremy now felt like depositing a number two.

Matt Querzoli wrote this.



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