Student Listens for Entirety of Lecture


In a stunning first, UTS student and part-time dole bludger Jeffrey McJefferson actually listened to the lecturer for the entirety of his hour-and-a-half Introduction to Information Systems lecture.

Mr McJefferson spent the entire time staring at the lecturer and the projector behind him. He didn’t once check his watch for the time, pick his nose, check his phone or open his laptop to begin browsing Facebook or Reddit.

An eyewitness, who declined being named by anything other than the moniker ‘Gooch,’ said “I don’t even think he blinked. Which is a feat in itself with the strength of the air conditioning. Extraordinary.”

When confronted for a comment, Mr McJefferson slurred, “It was amazing. I was just at the Underground beforehand, and was about eighteen beers down. I though [EXPLETIVE] it, I’m going to go to this mother[EXPLETIVE]ing lecture. And holy [EXPLETIVE], I don’t know why I’ve been skipping them. [EXPLETIVE]ing genius, man.”

Mr McJefferson then burped and lurched back off the pub, his man-bun askew.

Thank you to jaden violet for the name for this series. Legend.

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