The Day I Unfollowed Life Learnings

It was just like any other day.

However, when I checked my Medium feed I didn’t immediately feel like I wasn’t being productive enough, that I wasn’t reaching my spiritual potential making lists with hourly frequency, that me waking up at 7am (not 5am) would lead to a poor job, depression, a lengthy drug addiction and Donald Trump becoming President of the United Stares, that I would never be able to start an Internet company if I didn’t do three poops a day, that I would’t even succeed with this Internet company without practising yoga whilst giving a simultaneous hand-job to each of my angel investors, that I wouldn’t be able to sell the company for millions of dollars because I hadn’t read Doctor Suesses’ entire oeuvre on a beach, drinking camomile tea infused with weed at (you guessed it) dawn.

Instead, I found that I could now see that life is such a crazy rollercoaster that there is no ten step formula for following your own dreams, or to make yourself more productive, fitter, or wiser.

Matt Querzoli was inspired to write this (and unfollow Life Learnings) from Morgan Rock Loehr’s post. Praise to the man.

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