The Differences Between 18th’s and 21st’s

In Australia, Anyway


Recently, I turned twenty-one. A couple of weeks before that, my brother turned eighteen.

These are both significant milestones — in Australia, anyway. Honestly, I’m not sure why twenty-one is considered important Down Under. At least the eighteenth means you can finally legally drink. I feel as though a twenty-first is just another excuse for a party — one that says “Ok, I know we said it at the eighteenth, but now you’re really an adult.”

In any case, my brother and I both had our parties within a week of each other. Although I remember more from my brother’s than my own, I still recollect enough to recount the differences between them:

Arrival Time

18th: Past an hour of the start time.

21st: Within an hour past the start time.

Time the Majority of People Were Drunk

18th: Two hours before the party started.

21st: An hour or so into the party.


18th: Just rolled off the runway.

21st: Some effort to have clothes on.

Percentage of People Vomiting Before 10pm

18th: 93.7%

21st: 28%

Number of Overly Emotional Females (Crying)

18th: 5/50

21st: 1/70

Percentage of People Drinking Cask Wine

18th: 80%

21st: 7%

Departure Time

18th: 10:30-11pm, accompanied with the excitement of going out and clubbing.

21st: 12am — when music has to be shut off. Accompanied with disappointment that they now have to go out clubbing.

Matt Querzoli recently turned 21, and in his wise old age, he composed this for the masses. Follow his writing blog, his letters to strangers blog or his blog blog if you liked the post, or even the bloke himself if this tickled your proverbial pickle.

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